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Guangzhou Taihang Safety Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company with profound background in the field of respiratory protection. At present, it mainly focuses on the research and development, production and sales of industrial masks, medical masks, civil masks and leisure and sports air filtration products. Adhering to the business philosophy of "science and technology to promote health", the company will strive to become a leader in the field of respiratory protection in China in 3-5 years, and provide higher quality respiratory protective products and professional services to the society in a sustainable and stable manner

The company's products have won the special labor protection articles LA, QS and other safety mark certificates, CUPPE labor protection articles safety and quality traceability certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and so on Several international management system certification and more than a dozen national patents and core intellectual property rights, at the same time to obtain a number of CE certification, products sold at home and abroad.
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Respiratory protection research and development production
R & D, manufacture and market industrial masks, medical masks, civilian masks and leisure and sports air filtration products;
Respiratory protection products processing
It can be used for processing all kinds of industrial masks, medical masks and civil masks
Professional consulting service
Provide professional consulting services and solutions in the field of safety production, PPE and respiratory protection
This is a brief introduction
The company adheres to the core business philosophy of "science and technology to promote health", and aims to create a safe, healthy and quality life for the public. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the company implements the general manager responsibility system, with r&d, production, quality, marketing, sales, administration and personnel departments. The company's core shareholders and technical backbone have a reasonable structure, which lays an important foundation for the company's R&D, production and quality management. The main technical and quality management personnel include:Doctor in the field of air purification, senior medical doctor in the field of respiration, senior engineer of PPE standard formulation and product testing research and development, registered safety engineer and occupational health evaluator, senior personnel of PPE industry operation and management, etc., jointly promote the rapid development of Taiheng business.
Taihang's business is not only to develop and sell masks, but also to create reliable material conditions for decent work, create a good working environment, and significantly reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases with equal economic and social benefits through our efforts.
Employees first, create a platform.Efforts to provide greater development space for employees, help employees to achieve their career goals as the main means to attract, cultivate and retain employees and ultimately make employees satisfied, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction business goals.
Create value and contribute to society;
Excellence, the pursuit of quality;
Put people first and be kind to others;
Cooperate with people and share the results;
Perfect oneself, create a career。
Guangzhou Taihang Safety Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD
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